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Enjoy The London Oktoberfest 2019 while staying in our Homes

The Oktoberfest Festival is one of the most memorable annual traditions & events celebrated among the German people. The event dates back to October 12, 1810 which was the marked to celebrate the nuptials between the crown prince of Bavaria (who later on became King Louis I) and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The original event lasted five days and they marked the end with a horse race in the area that is now known as Therese’s Green. The following year however, an agricultural fair was included alongside the race and by the year 1818, booths serving #food and #drinks were part of the festival. By the late nineteenth century, alcohol consumption was the main attraction in Oktoberfest with breweries from Munich each erecting temporary structures with seating allowances of upwards of 6,000 people. The festival has grown over the years to include games, amusement rides, dancing and music with a huge percentage of the revelers being tourists.

The event is a two week long festival which ends on the first Sunday of October. This year, it ended on 6th October. Various cities and towns around the world, especially those with a significant number of Germans, have held similar festivals modeled after the original one in Munich to celebrate and showcase the rich Bavarian culture, with lots of German food and beer/alcohol. The city of #London is no different and this year, a few activities have been modeled around #Oktoberfest, lasting the whole month with the last one being held on 24-26 October right here in London.

The London Oktoberfest started in 2011, with over 50,000 attendees every year and the numbers are ever growing. This year the organisers have managed to secure a bigger area to pitch their tents and domes, promising more fun, more party & more #Oktoberfest. The event is right in the middle of London,at #Millwall_Park, #City_Central & #Olympia_London. This is clearly a must attend event whether you’re in London or its environs. The organisers have already put out tickets to this amazing #event, dubbed Halloween Oktoberfest Special

The three London Oktoberfest venues, are only a few minutes drive away from some of our prestigious lofts and homes in #Luton including Eddiwick House, Exton House and Chelsea Gardens. So whether you’re in London for #work or #leisure, be sure to try out one of our #homes for a memorable experience and hustle free stay.

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