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Luton Hoo

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Our town is rich and full of historical marvel. From providing memorable locations for acclaimed blockbusters, to being the home of world famous fiction writers, #Luton continues to be a must visit destination for many #travelers and globe trotters.

Huku Kwetu has put together a few interesting locations and spots that you can indulge your exploratory side with while you’re unwinding in any of our various villas. Each location promises a breathtaking experience especially for history buffs. Take a walk with us on this magical journey through Luton and its enchanting environs.

Luton Hoo

The word Hoo is adopted from Old Saxon and means Spur of a Hill. Luton Hoo is an old English Country House whose history dates back as far as the fourteenth century. It is said that a family named De Hoo occupied a manor for about four centuries up until the death of Thomas Hoo in 1455. Thomas Hoo was the first Baron of Hoo & Hastings.

Several families have been owners of Luton Hoo over the years. These include John Stuart, the third Earl of Bute, John Shaw Leigh, Sir Julius Wernher with the last owner being Nicholas Harold Phillips up until his untimely death in 1991. The estate was then sold and was later converted into a luxurious Hotel that opened in 2007 under the name, Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa. It has about 228 bedrooms & suites which are tastefully refurbished with the aim of restoring the site to its former glory.

The Luton Hoo #Estate grounds were used during World War II as testing grounds for Churchills Tanks which were being produced in Luton Factories. The estate owners at the time, The Wernher Family allowed their house to be used as the headquarters for Eastern Command.

Luton Hoo has been a favorite for many international movies and films over the years like A Shot In The Dark (1964), Never Say Never Again (1983) to as recent as War Horse (2011).

Luton Hoo is just 5.3 miles away from both Elmore House & Exton House, while it's just 9.4 miles from Chelsea Gardens.

At Huku Kwetu, we aspire to provide you with more than a convenient #accommodation facility, we guarantee a #memorable experience coupled with #convenience and #class. Try out any of our homes whether you're in Luton for business or pleasure, we never disappoint.

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